About Us

Legend CrossFit, LLC

Legend CrossFit, LLC founded by Joey Pietri in 2008, is one of the first CrossFit Gyms in Idaho. We proudly serve athletes and clients of all walks of life. Our gym is home to community members and guests ages 6 to 70+ who have the desire to live active lives.


Joey Pietri: Founder, Level 2 CrossFit Certified.

Joey has been woven into the fabric of the McCall community since the early 70’s. Spending most of his years in the construction trades, he has been instrumental in the local youth football scene. He also founded the Youth Optimist program in McCall and spent many years coaching the different levels of football. Currently, Joey is the Players Safety Coach acting Director for the Optimist Youth Program in McCall. “If you have any questions on who to know or where to go, talk to JOE.”

Cheyenne Pietri: Co-Owner

Cheyenne is the Co-Owner of Legend CrossFit and Head Coach. Cheyenne has spent time coaching athletes of the highest caliber. Notching NFL ProBowlers, UFC Hall of Famers, and First Descent Alpinists in his lengthy list of clients.

Tony Day: Coach

Tony Day is a Physical Therapist by day and has a passion for preventing injuries before they occur. He loves challenging people to achieve goals they did not think were possible. He has completed his Crossfit Level 1 course along with USA weightlifting and Crossfit weightlifting specialty courses. He enjoys using his fitness by getting outside as much as possible with his wife and daughter.